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AMO Pharma

     Drug: AMO-02 (tideglusib)

     Approach: Small Molecule Inhibitor of Glycogen Kinase 3 Beta

     Status: Completed Phase 2 Study. Phase 2/3 Study Extension study open 

     Company's Description of Drug

     Presentation at 2018 MDF Conference

     October 3, 2018 Press Release: AMO Therapeutics Announces Presentation of Concordant Analysis of Results of Phase 2 Study of AMO-02 in treatment of myotonic dystrophy

     June 13, 2019 Press Release: Updates on Development of AMO Pharma's AMO-02 Presented at International Myotonic Dystrophy Consortium Meeting

     January 9, 2020 Press Release: AMO Pharma Raises $35 Million; Plans to Commence Pivotal Trial of AMO-02 in Early 2020

     August 4, 2020 publication of Phase 2 results

     Sept. 2020 Presentation at Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation annual conference (starts at 1:30)

     Dec. 22, 2020 Press Release announcing initiation of Phase 3 study

     Mar. 2021 Presentation for Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation

     May 10, 2022 Press Release announcing financing and achievement of two-thirds of enrollment goal.

     Dec. 6, 2022 Press Release announcing completion of enrollment in Phase 3 study




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